Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where is the Company Headquarters?
The Company's Headquarter is in Torrance, CA.

Q2. Do you carry organic produce?
Yes, we do carry organic produce and other organic products.

Q3. Where does the produce come from?
Most of the produce is from California itself and some from Mexico, Central America and Florida.

Q4. Is there any delivery charge?
There is NO delivery charge but a minimum order value has to be met as per the location zone.

Q5. Can the order be cancelled after making the payment?
Yes, the order can be canceled the same day it is placed with a 10% cancelation fee.

Q6. Is there a cut off time to place an order?
All orders have to be placed by 8 pm for next day delivery and orders placed after 8 pm will be delivered the following day. However, orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on the coming Tuesday.

Q7. Can the customers choose a delivery day or time.
No, the customers cannot choose a delivery day or time.

Q8. Are there any deliveries on the weekend.
There are no deliveries on the weekend. The delivery days are Tuesday through Friday only.

Q9. Can I return my produce order?
The produce delivered cannot be returned.

Q10. What happens if the produce has an issue?
Please address your concern via an email to within 24 hours of delivery and we will follow up with you.

Q11. What happens in case of a missing item?
The customers must notify via email to within 24 hours of delivery and we will replace the item or give credit on your next order.

Q12. Do I have to pay any sales tax?
No sales tax is to be paid.

Q13. Do I have to be home to receive my order?
No you do not have to be home to receive your order.
The grocery box is delivered at your doorstep packed carefully and safely so that the produce remains in great shape when you arrive.

Q14. Do you inform me when the order is delivered and what time is it delivered?
Yes, we do notify once the order is delivered.

Q15. Do the produce prices change?
The produce and price updates are made as per product seasonality and product availability.