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Morton Salt, Iodized, 26 Ounce

Morton Salt, Iodized, 26 Ounce

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Morton iodized table salt is an all-purpose salt perfect for everything from cooking and baking to filling The shakers on your table. Simplify your time in the kitchen with Morton's iodized table salt. At Morton salt, We make sure only the best salt crystals reach your plate, so every dish you create will be as flavorful as you intend.

  • ON YOUR TABLE FOR GENERATIONS - Morton has been a household staple since 1848.
  • A SALT WE ARE FAMOUS FOR - all-purpose salt for cooking and baking, as well as for seasoning at the table
  • IODIZED FOR YOU - this salt supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient for proper thyroid functions
  • FOR ALL SEASONS - No pun intended! Whether it’s your next dinner party or a night in, Morton has it covered
  • JUST A PINCH - That’s all it takes! Take your meal to the next level with Morton.
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